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List of reported and fixed bugs

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Green bugs are fixed, blue ones are internally fixed but not yet released, red bugs are open.

Issue Project State Priority Handling Affected version Fixed in
Heading dataref does not work with Saitek controllersx737openhighBug4.9.3open
SPEEDBRAKE EXTENDED light on 2D panel inopx737openhighBug4.9.3open
LNAV does not keep track when magnetic variation is significantx737fixedhighBug4.
Position lights not connected to Ground Service Busx737fixedhighBug4.
No HUDx737confirmedhighBug4.9.2open
2D panel add-ons move delayed when scrolling on small screensx737fixedhighBug4.
Overhead panel switches cause occasional crahes in Windowsx737fixedhighBug4.
Pressurization auto-dump at 1000ft removedx737fixedhighBug4.
2D panel draw incorrect on 3 monitor systemsx737fixedhighBug4.
Flap handle on 2D panel inopx737fixedhighBug4.
No cabin lighting in night viewsx737fixedhighBug4.
Brightness knobs do not rotate (2D panel)x737confirmedmediumDesign Restriction4.9.05.0+
beacon light on top of acf too far aftx737fixedhighBug4.
command ELECTRICAL/APU_SWITCH_FWD does not auto return from START back to ON like if you use the mousex737fixedhighBug4.
command LEFT_FIXED_ON/OFF/TOGGLE also operates the right light instead of the leftx737fixedhighBug4.
command LEFT&RIGHT_FWD_DOOR_CLOSE do not work.x737fixedhighBug4.
command LOGOLIGHT_UP&DOWN both move the logo light switch down.x737fixedhighBug4.
default FMC/xFMC delete waypointsx737fixedhighBug4.
Flightmodel: Drag too low in descentx737fixedhighBug4.
LNAV does not keep track (default FMC)x737fixedhighBug4.
qnh on pfd and backup altimeter differ (1 inhg)x737fixedhighBug4.
Small black triangles peeking though the x737 nosex737fixedhighBug4.
SPEEDBRAKES EXTENDED lights missingx737fixedhighFixed4.
x737/ice_and_rain/WDWHEAT5_OFF typox737fixedhighBug4.
x737/mcp/NAV1_COURSE-1 exceeds 360x737fixedhighBug4.
UAL livery damagedx737fixedmediumBug4.
Annoying wheel slipping soundx737fixedhighDesign Restriction4.
Flaps sound too loudx737fixedhighBug4.
FLARE arms and engages on single channel appx737fixedhighBug4.
Logo light inopx737fixedhighBug4.
Pilot seat cannot be adjusted in X-Plane 10x737fixedhighBug4.
Default FMC does not advance (X-Plane 10 only)x737fixedhighBug4.
Engine starter knob does not move when dataref engXStarterSwitchState is set to 0x737fixedhighBug4.
Exhaust seems to be blown out of the engine center (X-Plane 10, HDR only)x737fixedhighBug4.
Exterior lights cannot be operated by joystick commandsx737fixedhighDesign Restriction4.
Narrow screen: switches misplacedx737fixedhighBug4.
Tail light is illuminated continuosly - only a strobe in realityx737fixedhighBug4.
VOR LOC intercept unreliablex737fixedhighBug4.
A/P sometimes loses glideslope with flaps 30/40x737fixedhighBug4.84.8.1
Engine sound has periodic ticksx737fixedhighBug4.84.8.1
Exterior lighting on fuselage invisible at night without HDRx737fixedhighBug4.84.8.1
Exterior lights (wing lights) bound to landing lights in X-Plane 10x737fixedmediumDesign Restriction4.754.8.1
Autopilot roll input too strongx737fixedhighFixed4.7.54.8
Debug output on screen when mouse click regions are activatedx737fixedhighBug4.7.54.8
Plugin does not load in X-Plane 10.11x737fixedhighDesign Restriction4.7.54.8
Vertical a/p still loses controlx737fixedhighBug4.7.54.8
x737FMC panels misplaced (X-Plane 10 only)x737fixedhighBug4.7.54.8
A/P: Vertical overcorrection when flaps 40 setx737fixedhighBug4.74.7.5
Engine startup sequence broken in X-Plane 10.10x737fixedhighBug4.74.7.5
x737 does not load in X-Plane 10.20b* (all platforms)x737fixedhighDesign Restriction4.74.7.5
Vertical a/p unreliablex737fixedhighFixed4.64.7
F/D deflection too large in lateral modesx737fixedhighFixed4.54.6
Lateral oscillations in certain autoflight situationsx737fixedhighFixed4.54.6
LNAV unreliable when crossing the international date linex737fixedhighFixed4.54.6
Thrust reverser doors jitterx737fixedmediumBug4.54.8
x737FMC draws bright at nightx737fixedmediumBug4.54.8
APP doesn't track localizerx737fixedhighBug4.4.14.5
Clock template visible in 2D cockpitx737fixedhighFixed4.
FPV (birdie) disabledx737fixedhighBug4.4.14.5
No display contents in pseudo 3D cockpitx737fixedhighFixed4.4.14.5
A/T disengages when A/P is disengagedx737openhighBug4.3.1
V/S does not set VVI on engagementx737fixedhighFixed4.
LNAV not tracking flight planx737fixedhighFixed4.
Alert text on engine display wrongx737fixedhighBug4.2.24.3
Clock time running too fast when time is acceleratedx737fixedhighBug4.2.24.3
FPV shows incorrect pitchx737fixedhighBug4.2.24.3
Fuel consumption increased when time is acceleratedx737fixedhighFixed4.2.24.3
LNAV loses track randomlyx737fixedhighFixed4.2.24.3
Gear indicator lights on power offx737openmediumBug4.2.0
Holes in main wheel wellsx737fixedhighFixed4.2.04.3
VVI needle on pfd stretched and/or rotated (Windows, ATI only)x737fixedhighFixed4.2.04.3
left front cockpit bitmap shows left viewx737openmediumBug4.0open
No icing when anti-ice offx737openmediumBug4.0
Single static port failure affects both capt and f/o systemsx737openmediumBug4.0
Cargo doors don't openx737confirmedmediumPush back in queue4.0
Gears don't produce dragx737fixedhighFixed4.04.6
Doors can be opened when a/c is in flightx737fixedmediumBug4.04.9.1

Current version is 4.9.3 (November 2014)

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