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New BBJ livery from the x737project

A friendly thrid-party paint

We have a very nice new livery in our BBJ hangar, the BBJ HZ101. This beautiful BBJ was built for the Royal Saudi Airforce in August 2001. The livery is a friendly contribution by Oliver Köstinger from Germany. Get the aircraft (version 3.1.1) for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux from the 737BBJ section of our x737project website. Fell free to browse through all the liveries on our x737project website. Just fyi: We are currently working on an update that adresses the following issues:
- A number of bugs in the autopilot that were introduced with the full dual a/p with version 3.1.0, especially with VORLOC and G/S lock
- A loss of precision in the flightmodel due to changes in X-plane 930's flight model. As you can imagine this requires many hours in the our, so we are glad that our community is so patient!
Benedikt and Pierre
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