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x737 wingflex fixed in X-Plane 930beta3

Measuring unit conversion was the reason

Good news for all x737 pilots: The flexing wings are fine again in X-Plane 930beta3, available from now. Due to internal unit conversions there was bug causing the wings to flex like the wings of a butterfly - X-Plane passed to high acceleration values to the x737 plugin. It's history now.
Anyway, we are busy updating the x737 aircraft to improve the engine model and performance data as a reaction to the new X-Plane engine model details. To get the best product for you we will release this as soon as X-Plane 930 goes final.
Good news for those who always complained about rotating beacon lights on the 737 fuselage: In X-Plane 930, beacons are flashing like they do in reality. Finally! Stand by for more news on this channel!
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