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x737joystickCommands is there

An add-on for sophisticated x737 joystick support

Razvan Lupusoru, a friendly x737 pilot, has written an add-on for our award-winning x737 aircraft series. x737joystickCommands gives you perfect control over all the buttons of your USB device, triggering x737 autopilot functions as you like! x737joystickCommands hooks in the X-Plane button handler and adds commands that you can set up in the 'Joystick & Equipment' dialog. The list of commands will be extended with every update of the x737 aircraft - and we will give you lots of them!
x737joystickCommands is available through our website for free - like all the x737 aircraft liveries that you can download as you like it. Go to the 'Tools' section of our site.
Enjoy our aircraft and tools!
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