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NEW: x737project for X-Plane 12

Boeing 737-700, -BBJ, -800 and BBJ2 simulation

Again x737project by EADT will change the way you fly Boeing 737NG on X-Plane. Get the brand new x737project version 7 (May 1st 2023) to fly Boeing 737-700, 737BBJ, 737-800 and 737BBJ2 on your computer. Choose a BBJ or BBJ2 livery to fly long haul with auxiliary tanks and enjoy the full simulation of the auxiliary fuel systems. Connect your home cockpit to a 737NG simulator bringing 1800+ additional datarefs to control everything. Get more than 300 free liveries from all over the world. Get x737FMC, AviTab and TerrainRadar for breathtaking realism of flight planning and terrain elevation awareness.

x737project provides full support for AviTab EFB. You will never want to fly without it once you have installed AviTab!

Get it now here on!



x737product page | x737-700/BBJ product page | x737-800/BBJ2 product page

x737-700/BBJ liveries | x737-800/BBJ2 liveries

x737FMC by Javier Cortes (strongly recommended add-on)

TerrainRadar by Dr.Gluck (strongly recommended add-on)

AviTab EFB by Folko (never fly without this!)

AirFMC - use x737FMC on your iPad

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