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x737-700 paint kit

Create your favourite livery!

Want to create your own livery for the x737-700 aircraft? We provide a self-explaining paintkit for creative x737-700 users. You need Adobe Photoshop or compatible software (Gimp, Acorn) to work with the layered pictures. Get the HD-paintkit for the x737-700 here!

A complete livery should contain all texture files which are different from the default livery. Normally you need to create the fuselage, fin, engine and winglets (either blended winglets, split scimitar winglets (SSW) or non-winglet, where you don't need a customized texture), and for the interior, create the seats. In some cases you need another maingear wheel color, and finally some airlines have registrations on the wings. See one of the many liveries available for our x737project aircraft as example.

Besides the 'objects' folder containing the paints you should provide a 'conf' folder with a configuration file, setting up the crew member names and equipment flags for the aircraft, a template is included in the paint kit. See any of the x737-700 liveries for example files. If you want to share you work with the x737 community send us your livery! We will release it with the next update, and you will find your place on the list of liveries and authors.

Many thanks to Vaeceslav Sluto for making this wonderful paintkit!

Send your work to

Thank you for contributing your work!

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