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NEW ** x737 aircraft v 4.2 released

Autopilot completely retuned

For all x737 pilots there is a new version of our award-winning x737project Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 simulation available. We have worked on a number of issues and request to make this bird even better. Our improvements are focused on the autopilot, leading to a high degree of reliability in automatic flight situations. Furthermore, lost of new datarefs make it easier for cockpit developers to mirror the x737 states to hardware devices. Of course x737 is free for all X-Plane users. Download the x737project version 4.2 aircraft from the Aircraft section of our website. We have provides a smaller package without additional liveries for all those who don't want to download 200MB at once.
We are very glad that our x737project aircraft v4 is nominated for the 'Aircraft of the Year 2010'! Thank you for voting for our project!

Modification, fixes and new features

1. Flight model

  • Improved flight performance.

  • Perfect trim control now

New features

  • Lots of new datarefs for home cockpit builders

  • Seat bets chime now with original 737NG sound


  • Bugfixes

  • Tons of Autopilot bugs fixed, concerning all control modes


  • A number of new liveries added most of them were distributed through the .org, we have bundled a number of them with the friendly permission of the authors. Many thanks to all livery painters!

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