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New x737 livery and plugin

GOL from Brasil now available for x737

Heads up!!!!!!! Thanks to Marcos Bedin we habe a new very nice livery in the stock, and this one comes with the next x737 plugin update for Mac, Win and Linux! Download the GOL livery from our website (for your convenience: EADT aircraft section) to test the version 3.1.2 plugin. Here are the fixes (hopefully):
- flight controls animation works in replay mode now (thanks Austin for your support)
- most electrical and a/p components survive a replay
- a huge number of a/p fixes make autoflight easier;-)
- no more flight phase lockups during FMC flight
We will release a separate patch for all x737 aircraft soon; however you can easiliy copy the 'plugins' folder from the GOL aircraft to all the other x737 aircraft folders, this should work fine. All other aircraft will be updated along with some wing model improvements (flaps still have lighting issues).
Enjoy, and give us your feedback!
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