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Issue: x737 does not load additional liveries

Check the paths!

Solution: You can download more than 200 fine liveries for thebx737project aircraft. In order to load these liveries make sure that they are installed in the right hierarchy.


To get the liveries installed you must take care of the correct folder hierarchy:

Inside the x737 aircraft folder there is a folder ‚liveries‘

Inside this folder there are various folders with the liveries

Inside every single livery folder you must find the folders ‚conf‘ and ‚objects‘


Most problems occure because the liveries are installed one level to deep. Please refer to the image below to see how the structur.

Example: Let’s say you want to use the livery ‚AeroMexico‘. Then you must place the folder ‚AeroMexico‘, which contains immediately the subfolders ‚conf‘ and ‚objects‘, inside the ‚liveries‘ folder. This is an X-Plane convention: In this case X-Plane expects the folders ‚liveries/AreoMexico/objects/‚ and x737 expects ‚liveries/AeroMexico/conf/‚.

Hope that helps! If problem continues please contact the x737project team.

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