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NEW: x737-700/BBJ for X-Plane 12

x737project Boeing 737-700 version 7

x737project version 6 is a popular free sophisticated simulation of the world's safest and most successful narrowbody airliner Boeing 737NG. We are proud to present the latest version of our x737-700 for X-Plane 12, Mac/Windows. Get x737-700 from this website and enjoy a very realistic flight experience. More than 60 liveries from all over the world contributed by a number of x737project painters bring your favorite airline on your desktop.

x737project is a compley simulation provides by a plugin that is installed with x737project aircraft, adding a huge number of realistic systems like autopilot, fuel systems, pressutization and directional sounds to the simulation. For a perfect FMC we recommend x737FMC by EADT. For a a fine terrain radar we recommend TerrainRadar plugin by Dr.Gluck. Don't miss the wonderful EFB AviTab which is fully supported by x737project.

For homecockpit builders x737project version 6 exports 3000 custom datarefs. Every single switch, knob or light provides its state by and can be modified through a dataref. 

Be aware that x737project is not a game, it is a realistic simulation of a complex system. Enjoy x737project version 7!

Make sure you download the correct version of x737project (version 6.2 for X-Plane 11, version 7 for X-Plane 12) and get the latest x737FMC release. All version 5/6 liveries are fully compatible with version 7.

Latest release: x737project 7.0 for X-Plane 12, released May 1st 2023


Download the x737project aircraft (x737-700 version 7 for X-Plane 12 ), all platforms

Download the x737project aircraft (x737-700 version 6 for X-Plane 11), all platforms

x737project add-ons

Get your favorite airline livery here. If you intend to create your own livery please download our new HD paintkit for x737project x737-700 version 5/6/7 - sharing is much appreciated, send liveries to
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