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x737 AEW&C by x737 project and Sam Crow

Military surveillance in X-Plane

Today we released a special military variant of the Boeing 737-700 aircraft. Based on a Boeing 737-700 system, various radar systems provide surveillance capabilities that gave this aircraft its name (737 Airborne Early Warning and Control, AEW&C). The aircraft provided here for X-Plane is based on the x737 series (x737project) and gives you all the advantages of the plugin-enhanced x737 aircraft. Th external add-ons (radar antennas) werde built by Sam Crow who us the permission to distribute this bird through our website. The aircraft can be downloaded from our x737 project website , or take this link to be directed to the 737 AEW&C download page. Many thanks to Sam, and have fun with the AEC&W aircraft!
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