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HOT: x737 and x737FMC update available now!

Download the x737 patch 3.3.0 for perfect compatibility

While we are working very hard on the next big x737 aircraft update Javier Cortes has built a very good new version of the x737FMC. Of course we enhanced our x737 plugin for perfect compatibility with the x737FMC. Alongside with a lot of internal autopilot stuff for x737/x737FMC interaction there is a number of bugs and issues fixed with this version 3.3.0: - fixed some a/p misbehaviours - added compatibility for x737FMC 2.0 - fixed a bug that caused wing anti ice trip off at takeoff to fail - improved the N1%max computation in CRZ for better performance - fixed a bug that caused the thrust reverser doors to hide away on startup - fixed hi/lo idle logic (workaround for an X-Plane code change) - fixed SPD INTV mode with x737FMC System requirement: You need X-Plane 941 for Mac OS X (Intel or PPC), Windows (32 or 64 bit) or Linux. Download the complete patch here and read the installation instructions - don't miss it!
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