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NEW: x737 update 3.3.1 available now!

ILS approach and more fixed

We have fixed a number of bugs and glitches reported by x737 users and are able to announce the next fine update for our x737project aircraft. The most apparent bugs fixed with this version 3.3.1 are: Changes in 3.3.1:
- full compatibility with X-Plane 9.45 - fixed a bug causing problems with some ILS localizers
- fixed the low/high idle logic (fuel levers no longer hanging)
- fixed the vertical a/p controller, works smoother now
- fixed some electrical issues
System requirements: You need X-Plane 941 for Mac OS X (Intel or PPC), Windows (32 or 64 bit) or Linux. Download the complete patch here and read the installation instructions - don't miss it!
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