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x737 event coming up!

Boeing 737-800 'Albert Ballin' maiden flight

On March 05th 2009 the brand new Boeing 737-800 'Albert Ballin', named after a former CEO of Hapag-Lloyd, will start her maiden flight for 52 passengers in a very luxurious configuration, taking off to South America first. It is the first 'Kreuzflug' (cruise) along several places of interest, taking 18 days.
Jens Heye from FlightXpress, a well established German and Austrian simulator magazine, started the idea of making a Fly-In event for the x737 community. He made the livery for this beautiful aircraft, taking full efford of the x737 enhancements. Right on March 1st we will release the bird to the public, giving the friendly x737 pilots the chance to refresh their typerating on the 737NG. Some days later the story begins...
On March 6th at 8:30pm UTC all the established x737 pilots will meet in Hamburg airport (EDDH), the home base of the Boeing 737-800 Albert Ballin, to give their honour to this aircraft. We will provide everything you need (squawkbox connection, CSL), so this will really become a big event.
Stand by for more information on the EADT website!
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