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x737 fleet updated for X-Plane 940 compatibility

All -800 and BBJ liveries are version 3.2.0 now

Important news for all x737 pilots: The entire fleet of Boeing 737-800 and BBJ aircraft was updated to the next version 3.2.0, fixing a number of bugs in the plugin and aircraft file.
The following bugs and glitches have been fixed:
- Lighting issues (wings, engines), especially on the flaps, slats and Kruger flaps
- navigation issues (VORLOC was broken)
- improved handling of ILS approach A/P engagement
The new aircraft are compatible with X-Plane 940 on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Go to the aircraft section of our website to download any of the liveries. All download are fully functional, there is no need to install anything else.
This update might be the last big update for the v3 aircraft because we are working hard on the finalization of the next-level aircraft x737 v4. We expect the release in January 2010.
Enjoy the x737 aircraft in X-Plane!

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