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x737 plugin update 3.0.4

x737 and x737FMC now fully compatible on all platforms

Good news for all x737 pilots: Today we have released an update on our v3 series plugin (requires X-Plane 922+). Besides lots of refinements in the autopilot controllers the most important feature is the full compatibility between x737 aircraft and Javier Cortes x737FMC on all three platforms. Download the new plugin from our plugin page or get any of the aircraft liveries - they are all updated to the latest version! You might need an x737FMC update too, of course.
Another interesting add-on for x737 aircraft is a new Python Script by Stefan Mueller-Pfeiffer which is available from our server. x737commands allows to configure joystick buttons for x737 functions (currently some ATHR operations and CMD A/B). This is really a very helpful add-on, let's say it's a must-have! Get it from our Manual & Tools page.
Enjoy, and give us your feedback!
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