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x737 v 4.1 patch ready for download

Autopilot bugs and model issues fixed

Just a week after the release we have fixed some bugs and issues reported by friendly x737 users. We have provided a 20.2MB patch to save download time, the base pack will be updated later today. There were few issues reported, but at least the HDG bug was severe - hopefully we cought it. Here is the list of issues: - a/p heading mode works fine now - bank angle limit is dynamically improved when HDG is modified step by step - g/s is now captured reliable - elevator trim inverted in the visual model (was bottom up) - some fuselage details tweaked Keep on reporting, we'll go on making this this aircraft better and better! Meanwhile we have almost 140 liveries received. In order to make it easier for the users to download their favorites we will provide the liveries in small packets or as single downloads (e.g. WestJet basic and Care-antee in one download, the TUIfly family will be one download etc.) Expect news in about a week. And now, get the patch 4.1!
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