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x737 version 3 release coming closer

Feature list is closed

You might have been waiting for the next x737 release since almost a year, but now the release of the next bis update is coming nearer. We have closd the feature list by now, freezing the current state and beginnng and internal test flight phase now, expected to last until end of October.
x737 pilots who speak German are recommended to read the x737 review in he October edition of the FlightXpress magazine, available from September 18th 2008.
The most important new features are:

New wings and engines model

Wings and engines are completely new, built as complex 3D model, simulating flexing wings and many animated parts (spoilers, flaps, slats, kruger flaps etc.) and very nice lighting effects (all position and landing lights simulated). Fueselage and gear however are still PlaneMaker ojects, we will augment our 3D works during the next months.

New 2-channel a/p

This is more under the hood, but the biggest part of the development. The x737 v3 aircraft have a new real 2-channel a/p, i.e. two totally independant autopilots, allowing a CATII ILS approach with coupled a/p's. Just a big step towrads realism!

Unparalleled UFMC integration

The new x737 plugin docks perfectly to Javier Cortes UFMC, giving you an all-new flight experience (to be honest, I could not imagine before what a difference that makes - awesome!). Even details like panel-embedded UFMC displays are coded in the new plugin.

Hardware cockpit support

Still a growing constrction area, but at least 50% of the x737 enhancements are exported to datarefs, giving hardware cockpit owners a chance to bind the x737 aircraft into their hardware (and vice versa).
Stand by for a new experience by end of October! Meanwhile you can
Watch the x737 version 3 preview video!
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