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x737 widescreen panel released!

Complete x737 aircraft series updated

Great news for x737 pilots: Today we have released a great update of our x737project aircraft for Mac, Windows and Linux. Besides fixes providing X-Plane 930 compatibility we are proud that we can present a new widescreen-panel for our favourite aircraft. Thanks to Alfred Schwarting from Germany we have a big captain and f/o panel all-in-one now. The x737 plugin is modified to support this panel completely.
All liveries on our website are updated. Pierre has tweaked the engines for perfect compatibility with X-Plane 930, and the wings are updated for more detail and better reflection. Download any of our liveries from the X-Plane 9 aircraft section of our website. Of course they are all free.
Enjoy flying with a really big panel, a full 2-channel autopilot and perfectly flexing wings. Don't forget to report all bugs to us (bugreports at eadt dot eu)!
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