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x737project: Flying home for Christmas

Since more than ten years the x737 team is working on the x737project aircraft, and since more than ten years the x737project is kind of “communityware”. While we are working on the flight model, the system simulations and the 3D model of the x737project, a lot of co-workers are doing fine liveries for this Boeing 737-800 ad BBJ, and this work would clearly exceed our time account. Time to say thank you to all the smart painters in our team, and thank you to an uncounted number of x737 pilots giving us perfect and helpful feedback for the further development of the x737project. The last three years were dominated by the work on the 3D-cockpit, a new flight model for version 5 and a lot of time for writing simulation code for more 737NG systems. Although getting more and more experienced in building animated or static objects for this beast and having more and more code resources for templates it still feels like a Herculean task what we are doing, but every test flight convinces us of the sense of this work. We have done about 75%, so next year we will have version 5, fingers crossed! Now we are flying home for Christmas, looking forward on a handful of peaceful and quiet days. Here we are back to the community: Like in a number of years before Lukas Denhoff painted the perfect livery for your flight home: The 2014 AirBerlin Christmas livery, this year called “Flying home for Christmas”. It is a beauty (look at the picture above), painted with the perfection of an experienced long-timer. Of course you can choose one of the last years’ Christmas liveries too: Try “Santa Claus Tour 2011″ or “Santa Claus Tour 2012″ for reference. Ok, my flight home for Christmas is a short one, I decided to fly from Berlin Tegel (EDDT) to Duesseldorf (EDDL) to get home, short enough not to tose too much time for the 3D works, and log enough to check all cockpit items. And by the way, the picture above shows the takeoff on flight from EDDL to EDDT, preceding ‘my’ flight home for Christmas. The x737project team wishes all our users a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Thanks for all the feedback we have received, and thank for flying x737project. Let us hope for peace and prosperity all over the world. Stand by for an exciting year 2015 with x737 project! Benedikt and Pierre
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