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x737project version 5.0.2 released

The x737project team has released x737project version 5.0.2 today. This version is really very stable, we have applied a number of fixed and stability improvements to the autopilot, sound system and other systems. Futhermore we have added more datarefs for homecockpit builders. As always x737project version 5.0.2 is free for all users. 

Just in time Javier Cortes has released x737FMC version 3.22 which cooperates even better with the x737project aircraft. using x737project version 5.0.2 and x737FMC 3.22 brings a better ND to you aircraft.

A changelog is attached below. We wish all x737project pilots many good flights!

Changelog (version 5.0.2)

  • ND uses UFMC dataref output for better waypoint labels
  • ISFD shows correct pitch now
  • HDG mode no longer overshoots at low speed
  • significantly improved lateral control performance
  • sounds: engine roar intensity depends on seat row now
  • sounds: APU sound depends on seat row now
  • nav lights: beacon and strobes are in alternating sync now for LED-style strobes (like in reality)
  • nav lights: strobes and tailcone light are in sync for modern LED-style strobe systems
  • cockpit lights: labels now lit at daylight too, depending on ambient light
  • fixed wingflex timing for more realistic motion
  • added datarefs for electric meter readout (DC V/A, AC V/A/cps)
  • APU low oil pressure warning comes on immediately on APU start
  • APU more responsive to electrical and pneumatic load
  • added LDG ALT and FLT value datarefs for cockpit builders
  • fixed a fuel shutoof logic bug: Controller is now reset if power is turned on
  • mouse click regions show up when ectivated in X-Plane 10.50
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