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x737project version 5.3.0 released

The x737project team has released x737project version 5.3.0 on January 12th 2018. We provide x737-700 and x737-800, both for X-Plane 10 and 11 respectively. As always x737project version is free for all users.

Make sure that you have installed x737FMC version 3.4 (released on January 12th 2018) for perfect reliability and performance.

A changelog is attached below. We wish all x737project pilots many good flights!

Changelog (version 5.3, Jan 12th 2018)

  • fixed ND distance display in MAP mode
  • fixed ND waypoint display for certain situations
  • fixed ILS autoland stability glitch
  • improved LNAV precision with x737FMC significantly
  • introduced a new x737 <--> x737FMC LNAV standard
  • no more X-Plane crashing due to -PI/2 to PI/2 bug
  • engine starters in x737-800 fixed (were inop)
  • LVLCHG mode holds speed now (was a bug)
  • fixed some cleanup procedures in openAL
  • fixed LOW OIL PRESSURE alert (right engine inop)
  • fixed STARTER VALVE OPEN alert (right engine inop)
  • fixed main gear landing sound (was too loud)
  • increased engine sound volume by 6dB
  • fixed rotation of MCP ND mode knob (detents were too close)
  • fixed FLT CTRL B switch (flipped rotation)
  • OFF SCHEDULE DESCENT warning more robust now
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